Golden State

Golden State Warriors Playoffs 6
Golden State Warriors 2016 Playoffs

San Francisco City Hall lights up in support of the Golden State Warriors performance in the NBA Playoffs. I couldn’t help but pull my car over, after watching game six of the Western Conference finals with my boyfriend and his mother, to play with some long exposures. It’s hard not to be completely captivated by this team’s success and, frankly, magical athleticism. In an information age, where the mainstream media is fueled by overly sensationalized anguish, it’s refreshing to see a genuinely well-oiled machine consistently make its way to the headlines.

They seem to truly care about each other and the welfare of the team as a whole. Who knew working intelligently as a team–working with all in mind, not just yourself–could be the secret ingredient to a well-functioning group of individuals. Finding out about their mindful meditation practice was something that both surprised me and gave me reassurance in the positive effects the habit can have on people. You hear the meditation success stories but to see one that is so apparent in the public eye is nothing short of impressive. Meditation isn’t only for the spiritual, it is for anyone with an ever changing and ever growing mind.

My surprise was caused by my own conflicts with sports. I was never a sports person because I associated sports with jocks–the kids I wasn’t friends with, the kids that weren’t friends with me. The Warriors are the type of team that can evoke interest and make fans out of the least likely subjects. Finding out we shared a practice was the cherry to top it all off. Maybe I’ve discovered a new interest because my boyfriend unintentionally forced it into my life, maybe it was because they truly are an inspiring and talented team; either way, I have reached a point in my life where I can allow something that I had despised to bring me hope–I stopped alienating myself and learned to let the other in, to not let my emotions prevent me from being inspired by the world outside of my narrow perspective. The Warriors don’t just represent a popular sports team, to me, they represent a pivotal moment, a moment that showed me the world in a different light.

Here’s to growing older, wiser, and forgiving the person you once were.

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