About Adriana

Currently, Adriana lives in Northern California where she enjoys the outdoors (gravel & road cycling, trail running, etc.), music (occasionally known to dj under the moniker Melange Shake), wellness, and feeding her head (with food and knowledge). Since 2005, Adriana has practiced digital photography. She brings her appreciation for the natural world and human experience to everything she creates.

Adriana is a first-generation born American with a South Korean mother and Brazilian father. She was raised in Georgia, where she obtained a B.A. in Philosophy & a Mathematics minor; then moved to the West Coast. She comes from a family of scientists, healthcare professionals, and business savvy minds from Eastern and Western cultures.

Her recent development efforts are in data science and machine learning. She has career interests in product, analytics, and contributing to sustainable systems. Adriana has contributed to high growth startups, since 2016, with her impact being in operations leadership and DevOps. She has volunteered in national environmental activism, mental health services, and currently volunteers in civic data science projects.

You can find Adriana on LinkedIn, Strava, Medium, Last.fm, and Spotify.