About Adriana

Currently, Adriana lives in Northern California where she enjoys the outdoors, playing & listening to music, health & wellness, and feeding her head. Since 2005, Adriana has practiced digital photography. She tries to bring her appreciation for the natural world and human existence to everything she creates.

Adriana is a first-generation American with a South Korean mother and Brazilian father. She was raised in Georgia, where she obtained a B.A. in Philosophy with a Mathematics minor; then moved to the West Coast. She comes from a family of scientists, healthcare professionals, and business savvy minds from Eastern and Western cultures.

Her current development efforts are in data science and machine learning. She has career interests in product, supply chain, data privacy, data ethics, and digital wellness. Adriana has also contributed to the forefront of the California cannabis industry since 2016, with her impact being in operations at high growth businesses. She currently does recruiting for a 3PL and ad hoc projects, including curating a storytelling blog.

She is also a certified volunteer crisis counselor and does civil & social rights volunteer work. Stakeholder and human-centered capitalism to increase quality of life are a couple of drivers for her career / life interests.

You can find Adriana on LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, Last.fm, and Spotify.

For prints or just to say heyyy, fill out the contact form.


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